BJP’s five questions to Arvind Kejriwal

With the upcoming Assembly polls in national capital, the last leg of campaigning saw a two-way contest between the AAP and the BJP  and the two parties lock horns over a slew of issues.

Toady BJP posed a list of five questions to the AAP.

1. Why did Kejriwal accept the Congress support to form the government in 2013 after saying he wouldn’t do so.

2. Why did he not lodge an FIR against the former Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and make all documents related to her corruption public.

3. After giving an affidavit on June 7, 2013, saying he will not keep security staff, why did he accept Z category security.

4. Why did he travel in huge cars like Innova, after initially travelling by the Metro and a WagonR

5. Despite refusing to travel in business class, why did he fly in a private jet from Gujarat to Delhi after he sworn in as Chief


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